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First Appointment Orientation

Thank you for choosing Agile Mind Counseling for your behavioral health care services. We recognize you have many choices and we appreciate your trust in us. You are welcome to download and complete the office paperwork prior to your first session. Patients find this quite helpful instead of trying to rush through the paperwork and sometimes not having the correct information with them when they arrive at the office. Completing the paperwork before the first session also allows your therapist the opportunity to spend more time on your clinical versus administrative issues.

Something to remember:

Call the office for the password that will allow you download the various documents needed.

You will be able to review a copy of The Agile Mind Counseling: Notice of Privacy Practices document. You will be asked to sign a receipt stating that you read and understood this document.

Your therapist will review and answer any questions about this paperwork or any other relevant matters in which you may have questions.

You can download a copy of the “Insurance Benefits Verification” document. This document gives you detailed information on how to inquire about your mental health benefits from your insurance company. Once filled out this document should contain all the needed information for this office to bill your insurance company for our services. For example, your insurance company will provide an authorization number if needed and information amout your co-payment and deductable.

 We will need the name, address, phone number, and fax number of your primary care physician. We will need a list of all medications you are taking. Please list separately on the list any psychiatric medicines you are taking. If you have seen a psychiatrist or counselor in the past two years we will need the name, address, and phone number of each. It is always helpful for the therapy process to bring a list of goals for your therapy.

Enter the password provided by Agile Mind Counseling

Lost password or need initial authorization?
Contact Debra Grant at or call (423) 746-2441.
Contact Debra Grant at
Or  Phone (423) 746-2441 or Fax (423) 746-2442
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