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Agile Mind Counseling is a private practice providing outpatient mental health services. Office psychotherapists are Debra T. Grant, Licensed Professional Counselor and Rebecca Green, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.Debra Grant's Photograph

Agile Mind Counseling offers expert services in a wide variety of areas: depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, eating disorders, marriage and relationship counseling, parenting education, work and family related problems, Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and behavioral addictions. SUDs are difficult to treat so they must be addressed in a variety of ways in order to unravel their catastrophic effects on the individual and family. We do not work from a templet treatment plan. We develop comprehensive individualized treatment for each new client. Our focus is on client satisfaction and authentic change. The development of authentic personal power is the ultimate form of self-respect. Agile Mind Counseling is a warm comfortable environment that is safe and respectful. The wellness approach in mental health puts its primary focus on personal growth and prevention. We emphasize working from a model that supports balance in all areas of your life. This approach is especially helpful to those who are willing to take personal responsibility for their overall health. It is possible to create vibrant, vital, and balanced mental health. You can learn to be exceptionally effective and productive. We work from a common sense perspective believing that poor mental health is situational and not necessarily a lifetime condition.

Rebecca Green We encourage clients to address all aspects of their life: how diet may contribute to your emotions, how exercise contributes to your well-being, understanding of your own unique needs for spiritual nourishment, responsibility for yourself, living proactively, and implementing personal boundaries. We truly are the primary source of our own healing. This office welcomes and values diversity. We are committed to respectful compassionate care of all individuals without regard to ones worldview. All commercial insurance and area Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are accepted by one or both therapists. We welcome questions and offer a brief phone consultation in order to find if this is the appropriate office for clients.

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